Artist of the moment……James Warhola



James Warhola was the son of Andy Warhol’s oldest brother Paul. James Warhola was born in Smock, Pennsylvania in the year 1955. For his artistic education Warhola attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Warhola also studied at the  Art Student’s League of New York City and privately with artist Michael Aviano.

After college the artist worked for a short time at his uncle’s magazine called Interview magazine.

The artist left his uncle’s magazine and chose to become an illustrator. James Warhola has illustrated more than 300 book covers of science fiction and also children’s books.

The artist also gained recognition for his writing of a book about his famous uncle, Andy Warhol. The book is titled “Uncle Andy’s.”

In this clip we take a look at the book “Uncle Andy’s” Its easy to see where James found his love of art!

James Warhola also has worked with the famed Mad magazine for decades.


Warhola is based out of Tivola, New York and helps to run the Andy Warhol Museum.

A link to the website of James Warhola. Many more great illustration examples are located here!

In this clip we view James Warhola at a book signing for another book with his uncle in mind titled “Uncle Andy’s Cats.”

Price range information: Sorry none available.





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