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Artist of the moment…….Laurent De Brunhoff

De Brunhoff comes from a very artistic family, his father Jean De Brunhoff and his mother came up with the idea of Babar the elephant. His mother made the stories for her children who were 4 and 5 years old at the time. The children convinced their father, who wan illustrator and artist to try and get his books published. Before passing away in the mid 1930s Jean published several books dealing with Babar.

Laurent De Brunhoff worked with his father as a colorist for some of his later books featuring Babar. Laurent went on to learn his father’s drawing style and produce more books of Babar and other characters he developed on his own.

For his artistic education Laurent De Brunhoff  attended the Academie de la Grand Chaumiere.

Most works comprised by Brunhoff for Babar are done with gouache and india ink.

In this clip Laurent De Brunhoff talks more about the wonderful stories of Babar!:

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $10,000.  Brunhoff has worked in oils and done many prints over the years.

Babar was a great part of my childhood!


Artist of the moment…….Carter Hodgkin

Carter Hodgkin is an American artist renown for her blend of art and physics. For her collegiate education Hodgkin attended Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond University  where she studied printmaking in addition to painting. Carter Hodgkin is also known for her graphics and design skills working for such internationally recognized brands as Lego, Martha Stewart, and Kodak.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Hodgkin is a part recipient of a Krosner Pollack Foundation award.

Carter Hodgkin is based out of New York City.

If you enjoy the work of this artist be sure and check out artist Fred Tomasselli. Below an example of Tomaselli’s work:


In this clip we view an animation style work inspired by physics. I enjoy the motion of the overall piece. The artist works with both oils and gouache. The gouache works are my favorite as she plays with the transparency of the medium. Though there is a lot of motion in her work, because its based on actual items that exist in real life, her art seems very organized when compared to another abstract artist such as Jackson Pollack:

Looking at the work of Carter Hodgkin reminds me of hundreds of hours I spent playing with my grandparent’s Spirograph kit! Thank goodness video games didn’t exist back in those days!

Hodkin is a very abstract modern artist in that she uses the latest technology in creating her work. Most works are a blend of gouache,watercolor, and inkjet print on paper.