Artist of the moment……Aminah Robinson

Aminah Robinson is an African American artist born in Columbus, Ohio in the year 1940. For his collegiate education Aminah Robinson attended what is now the Columbus College of Art and Design. Robinson is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Her sculpture work is made up from an idea she got as a child, everything could be an art material and to make your own materials if need be. She refers to her  works as made out of “hogmawg.” Some materials used include mud, grease, glue, and natural dyes.

I enjoy the exaggerated hand she uses in many of her figures. The viewer can easily get an idea as to how hard it must have been to be a hard laborer, working in the cotton or tobacco fields of the South.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we go to the home studio of Aminah Robinson:

What a remarkable artist! I compare her works to the great Betye Saar. I enjoy her use of mixed media such as buttons in  her artwork!

Below a brief biography about Robinson with more of her artwork:


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