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Artist of the moment……..William Bradford

Thank goodness spring is near! Lets have a look at an artist renowned for his depictions of the Arctic landscape, William Bradford. William Bradford was born in Fairhaven, Massachusetts in the year 1823. The artist grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In addition to painting landscapes Bradford was also an avid photographer.

His mother and father were strict Quaker’s that discouraged his artistic pursuits. His father ran a dry goods store.

Bradford was the first American painter to capture the Arctic on canvas.

Another Quaker artist I have written about is James Turrell.

Bradford was elected to the National Academy of Design.

William Bradford passed away in 1892.

I enjoy watching the different ways artists paint snow. The mixture of grays and varieties of adding texture like palette knife and brush make for some wonderful images. Not only does the artist paint great blocks of ice, his clouds are also painted in an excellent manner.


Artist of the moment…….Hugo Consuegra

Hugo Consuegra is a wonderful abstract artist born in 1929 in Havana, Cuba. For his collegiate education the Consuegra attended the National School of Fine Arts located in Havana, Cuba. In addition Consuegra earned a degree in architecture from the University of Havana.

The artist emigrated to the United States in 1970. Consuegra was based out of New York City his entire life in the United States.

Hugo Consuegra passed away in 2003.

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Consuegra is part of many prominent museum collections including the National Museum of Fine Arts located in Havana, Cuba and the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America located in Washington, D.C.