Artist of the moment……Kunichika Toyohara

Kunichika Toyohara was a world renowned Japanese printmaker born in the Edo district of Tokyo, Japan in the year 1835. The artist got his name by the two masters who taught him, Kunisada and Chikanobu.

His birth name was Oshima Yashohachi. His father ran a public bath house. His father was a poor businessman and lost the family business. Relatives even changed their name to distance themselves from his father.

In this clip we view 50 unique prints by the artist:

The artist loved to drink alcohol and visit the brothels. Toyohara was known for his exploits and lifestyle as much as his paintings. In fact beautiful women serve as a large portion of his artistic output.

Kunichika Toyohara passed away in 1900.

What makes Kunichika Toyohara unique is that he used reds and reddish purple’s more so than any other artist of his time. This would be akin to seeing Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and then a Warhol. His work stood out like this due to his very bold colour choices! Very distinctive!

Price range information: Prints start around $500 and reach as high as $16,000.


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