Artist of the moment…..Dalek

Dalek is an American street artist born in New London, Connecticut in the year 1968. Dalek’s government name is James Marshall.

In this clip we view a time lapse of the artist’s work:

For his collegiate education Dalek first earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Virginia. Dalek also earned a B.F.A.  from the Art Institute of Chicago.

Dalek found inspiration for what he wanted the end result of his artwork to look like by seeing the work of Takashi Murakami. Dalek would go on to serve as an apprentice to Murakami in his New York City studio.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the work of Dalek. The clip is in English with French subtitles. A main focus of this exhibition is the more colorful work more so than his work which is more along the line of Takasha Murikami:

In this clip Dalek talks about his character works:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

For mediums the artist works mainly with acrylics on wood.

Its great to see that this artist is so smart and works very hard. The artist is well schooled in Eastern and Western methods and ideas of painting and artistic expression.


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