Artist of the moment…….Gordon Appelbe Smith

Gordon Appelbe Smith is a world renown painter associated with the Abstract Expressionist style of painting. Gordon Appelbe Smith is a painter,muralist,  sculptor, and printmaker. The artist is renowned for his landscapes as well as his abstract works.

The artist was part of World War 2. He was leg was shattered during the conflict.

Smith is part of the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Gordon Appelbe Smith was born in Brighton, England in the year 1919. The artist’s parents separated and his mother took him and his siblings to Canada.

For his artistic education Smith attended the Winnipeg School of Art and  the Vancouver School of Art. In addition Smith took summer classes at Harvard and the California School of Fine Arts located in San Francisco, California.

In this clip we view a great winter landscape by the artist that fetches more than $140,000 at auction:

Gordon Smith also spent a fair amount of time teaching at the Vancouver School of Art and the University of British Columbia.

Though in his 90s Smith is still a daily painter. He is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Smith is not stopped at all by the fact he doesn’t get around like he used to. In this clip we visit the artist at his home studio:

Price range information: Prints start around $1,000 and originals in oils or acrylics can reach $100,000.

What a great story and its great to see he still paints at his advanced age!


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