Artist of the moment……..Bruno Bobak

Bruno Bobak was a Canadian painter of landscapes and also the figure. Bruno Bobak was born in Wawelowska, Poland in the year 1923. The artist came with his family to the country of Canada in 1925.

The artist attended art school in high school and after he graduated joined the Army as it was during the time of World War 2. The artist won a contest for the army to see which soldiers might become an official war artist of the Canadian government. Bobak served as the youngest war artist in the army.

In this clip we view some of Bruno Bobak’s nude figure works:

The artist also married a fellow war artist named Molly Bobak. Whilst Bruno was the youngest ever his wife Molly became famous as Canadian’s first female official war artist.

Bruno and his wife Molly Bobak were both officials members of the Order of Canada.

Bobak also taught at the Vancouver School of Art.

Bruno Babek passed away in 2012.

Price range information: The artist worked in watercolor and oils. In addition he was a printmaker. Prints start around $1,000 up to an original oil which can reach $10,000.

Molly Bobak produced large amount of works and has plenty to do her own entry so the wife of Bruno Bobak will be next up!

Love this artistic families! How interesting that both husband and wife served as official war artists.



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