Artist of the moment…….Blanche Lazzell

Blanche Lazzell was born in Maidsville, West Virginia in the year 1878. For her collegiate education Lazzell attended South Carolina Co-Educational Institute and  West Virginia University studying literature and fine arts. Lazzell was a painter and printmaker in the Japanese woodblock style. In addition to painting and printmaking Lazzell also worked with ceramics and even made rugs.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $106,000 for a print at auction. Oils range from $20,000 to $125,000.

Lazzell also studied at the famed Art Student’s League of New York City where she studied with William Merritt Chase and Georgia O’Keefe.

Lazzell also moved to Paris, France and studied at the Academie Julien.

The artist was one of two artists from West Virginia to be given mural works for the Works Progress Administration.

Blanche Lazzell passed away in 1956.

What a talented artist who seems to have carved a great niche for herself in the medium of printmaking! I love the graphic design of works like the Windmill in the gallery. The works seems to have hidden imagery making the viewer very intrigued in the art.


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