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Artist of the moment…….Jeremy Dickinson

Thought we had better explore the auto in art and we start here.

Jeremy Dickinson is a British artist renowned for his paintings of small vehicles he played with as a child. In my childhood nothing was better than burning the plastic rubber off a brand newly opened Matchbox toy car! Dickinson makes some surprising compositions using these small works. His design skills are superb and Dickinson is able to manipulate color by painting a brand new model, or by using an older more beat up version you might find on the Antiques Roadshow.

Jeremy Dickinson was born in Halifax, England in the year 1963. For his artistic education Dickinson attended the York College of Art. In addition he attended Goldsmith’s College located in London, England.

If you enjoy this genre of toy cars be sure and check out my post on artist Scott Paulk. Paulk also paints many toys including robots and star guns you might have seen on the cartoon Buck Rodgers.

The artist has been a long time fan of any mode of transportation. He first found amusement in the genre by painting public buses and also maps he remembered from his childhood adventures. Dickinson began working on this series in 1993.

Dickinson has amassed a large collection of these tiny toys, he has more 6,000 of them!

The artist is based out of London, England.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Looking at the marvelous works of Dickinson makes me wish I had spent more time drawing and painting my cars than playing with them!


Artist of the moment……..Isidore Jules Bonheur

Isidore Jules Bonheur was another child of the aforementioned Oscar Raymond Bonheur. Isidore was the younger brother to Rosa Marie Bonheur, already profiled here Rosa excelled at painting animals and the landscape. Isidore Bonheur is seen as the one of the best sculptors of the animal genre. Isidore Bonheur was born in 1827 in Bordeaux, France.

The artist began his career as a painter but switched to sculpture very early on.

The artist grew up assisting his sister in their father’s studio. His sister Rosa Marie Bonheur would go on to boast how she was the one who first gave lessons to Isidore, not their father.

For his artistic education Isidore attended the Ecole des Beaux- Arts located in Paris, France.

The artist was a frequent exhibitor and prize winner at the famed Paris Salon.

Isidore Bonheur was knighted for his works in France, Spain, and Portugal.

The artist passed away in 1901.

Price range information: The artist produced small tabletop sculptures so he is really affordable. Works range from $5,000 to $100,000.

What an outstanding family of artists who loved to paint and sculpt animals.


Artist of the moment…….Fu Baoshi

Fu Baoshi was a world renowned artist who worked in the traditional style with inks and watercolors on very large surfaces sometimes working on hanging scrolls. Fu Baoshi was born in Xinyu, Jianxi Provence, China in the year 1904. Fu Baoshi loved to paint the landscape and is seen by many critics as one of the best of his era in regards to painting the traditional landscape.

For his artistic education Baoshi attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

Baoshi’s style was a blend of ancient Chinese methods and the Japanese methods he picked up whilst in college. These two styles gave the artist a unique and modern look. Baoshi even experimented the techniques of applying color to his works.

Price range information: Works range from one half million dollars and up. Most works command at least one million at auction.

Fu Baohsi passed away in 1965.

In this clip a discussion about Eastern and Western painting styles and the influence of Fu Baoshi:

Fu Baoshi was a grandfather to a contemporary art dealer named Jenny Pat. Pat is a Canadian citizen who studied in England and has worked for major auction houses included Christies where she helped to sell works by her father. She is 32 years and one the best in the businesses of dealing art. She specializes in Asian art.

In this clip we listen a fellow artist named Henry Li talk about the works of Fu Baoshi. We also visit a museum named for the artist:

When one thinks of blending styles many artists think of Eastern and Western styles. We also must not forget the breakthrough artists like Fu Baoshi who blended different styles of Eastern painting methods from the Chinese and Japanese traditional painting schools.

I love the animated sense of life we get from his figures. Baoshi was a master at anything he chose to paint.