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Artist of the moment…….William Brice

William Brice was born in New York City in the year 1921. Brice was renown for his wonderful blend of abstract and figurative works. Brice worked in many mediums including printmaking, oils, ink, charcoal, and pastel.

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His mother was a well known actress and radio personality  named Fannie Brice. Below a picture of his mother.


The artist’s father had a tough life. He enjoyed gambling and sometimes ripped people off with various schemes in order to gamble.

As his mother made good money acting William Brice had a private art teacher in his early years. The artist enjoyed the paintings of Picasso and Matisse. I can easily see Matisse coming into play for his great use of color. Brice when on to study at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. Later the artist would attend the Art Student’s League of New York City.

Brice had his first solo show at the age of 26 years of age at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

In this clip we view a collection of 25 years of drawings from Brice and hear about his influence on another  artist:

The artist was also a teacher in Los Angeles working for the Jepsen Art Institute and then U.C.L.A.

Brice passed away at the age of 86 years of age in 2008.


Artist of the moment……..Asaad Arabi

Asaad Arabi was born in Damascus, Syria in the year 1941. Arabi works in a very modern style and blends a great sense of design with cultural motifs to create some truly magnificent paintings. Arabi enjoys painting city scenes with women in lengthy Arabic clothing. My personal favorite of the artists are his works of jazz musicians.

Asaad Arabi likes to paint not only what we see, but what might be hidden just beneath the surface.

Arabi is based out of Paris, France.

For his collegiate education Asaad Arabi attended the Sorbonne where he earned a PhD in Aesthetics.

Some prominent collections holding his works include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Barcelona Contemporary Museum of Art.

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Most works painted by this artist are in acrylic. He seems to lay it on very thick, the works have a great paint quality to them. Very expressive indeed!


Artist of the moment……Auguste Bonheur

Auguste Bonheur was another child of the renown painter and teacher Oscar Raymond Bonheur. Auguste Bonheur was born in Bordeaux, France in the year 1824. Auguste Bonheur was renown for his paintings of animals and the landscape.

Auguste Bonheur was the first son born to Oscar Raymond Bonheur.

The artist was a medal winning artist at the famed Paris Salon.

For his artistic education Auguste Bonheur attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts located in Paris, France.

His sister has already been profiled here, Rosa Marie Bonheur. A wonderful painter of the animals and the landscape.

The artist passed away in 1884 in Paris, France.

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $30,000. Auguste Bonheur worked many in oils.

Auguste Bonheur is part many prominent collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, England and the Museum of Art located in New York City.

What an awesome family of painters! Its great to see that most children took what lessons their father taught them, and all surpassed him with their high level of talent!

More on the other artists of this family coming soon!