Artist of the moment…….Ernst Kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany in the year 1880. The artist was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

For his artistic education Kirchner attended school in Dresden and Munich, Germany. He studied art and architecture.

Kirchner was part of the legendary New York  City Armory Show of 1913.

Was a participant in World War 1 but was discharged due to a nervous breakdown.

In this clip some works by Kirchner set to music:

Kirchner had much of his art seized by the Nazi party. His work was called degenerate and the artist was made to resign his position as a member of the Prussian Academy where he had been in the position for six years. Much of his work was destroyed or sold.

After having so much of his art and career ruined by the Nazi party, Ernst Kirchner took his own life in 1938.

In this clip a work from 1913 by Kirchner is talked about by a curator at the M.O.M.A.:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 for prints to more than $2 million for works at auction.

Kirchner is part of several important collections including the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art both located in New York City.


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