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Artist of the moment…….Giancarlo Impiglia

Giancarlo Impiglia is an Italian artist working in an Art Deco style. Giancarlo Impiglia was born in the year 1940 in     . Impiglia has worked as a muralist and also works with mosaics and even produces wood sculpture. For his subject matter Impiglia likes to depict the social scenery of New York city and the Urban lifestyle. For his artistic education Impiglia attended the Liceo Artistico and the Academy of Fine Arts located in Rome, Italy.

One aspect I love about his work is the fact the faces are left off. No detail is given, just the colors of the clothes and such. We understand through his work at this level of society its all about the bling. Living the Great Gatsby experience!

His signature style involves playing with the shapes of the art deco style, and also with great use of color and movement in his designs.

Impiglia moved to the United States in 1974. Impiglia is based out of New York City.

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In this clip a visit to the artist’s studio:

What a great style! Modern and classic at the same time! The artist also enjoys working additions including gold leaf.


Artist of the moment………Harvey Littleton

Harvey Littleton was a great ceramic and glass artist born in Corning, New York in 1922. His father worked for the Corning Glassworks company as a lead researcher and is credited with inventing a glassware still used today called Pyrex.

For his artistic education Littleton attended the University of Michigan where he studied physics for three semesters. The artist quit school and attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art located in Blooming Hills, Michigan. The artist would eventually study industrial design. Whilst a student he was able to learn from two master sculptors Marshall Fredericks and Carl Milles.

Littleton went on to earn a bachelors degree from Michigan and a masters degree of fine art from the Crannbrook Academy. His career started as a ceramist working with simple forms including vases and basic cylinders.

Littleton was key in bringing glass ware from an industrial setting to a more studio setting where studio artists could easily work with his favorite material, glass. The artist gave the first studio glass blowing seminar in 1962 at the Toledo Museum of Art.

The artist served in the Army for three years.

A short clip and brief biography about Harvey Littleton:

In this video we visit Littleton at his workshop:

A student of Littleton that went on to have tremendous respect in the field is the master glass artist Dale Chihuly already profiled here.

Littleton retired from teaching in 1976 to concentrate on his own art.

Harvey Kline Littleton passed away in 2013 at the age of 91 years old.

What wonderful contributions this artist made to the world of glass. Its also interesting to see how a great scientist (his father) was a key element in his appreciation of glass. Where his dad saw industry, the son saw art!


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Harvey Littleton is part of many public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Art located in New York City.