Artist of the moment……Forrest Bess

Forrest Clemenger Bess was born in Bay City, Texas in  the year 1911. Bess was a modernist painter, but Bess is known for his s unique beliefs and thoughts about immortality and how to achieve it.

For his collegiate education Bess attended several colleges and took architecture courses. Eventually he would forgo his collegiate studies.

Bess was known for his belief that the way for a human to achieve everlasting and immortal life would be to become hermaphrodite, a person having characteristics of both men and women.

Price range information: Works range from $40,000 to $150,000.

In this clip we view a preview from a movie about the life of Forrest Bess. William DaFoe narrates the voice of Forrest Bess:

The artist paid money for himself to have this operation and become a hermahrodite.

The artist passed away in 1977 from skin cancer.

Many of his works held in high regard are part of a series of smaller paintings that the artist made driftwood frames. With our dear friend James Kalm we visit a show featuring the works of Forrest Bess:

What a truly unique artist in his artistic and private lives!


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