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Artist of the moment……Forrest Bess

Forrest Clemenger Bess was born in Bay City, Texas in  the year 1911. Bess was a modernist painter, but Bess is known for his s unique beliefs and thoughts about immortality and how to achieve it.

For his collegiate education Bess attended several colleges and took architecture courses. Eventually he would forgo his collegiate studies.

Bess was known for his belief that the way for a human to achieve everlasting and immortal life would be to become hermaphrodite, a person having characteristics of both men and women.

Price range information: Works range from $40,000 to $150,000.

In this clip we view a preview from a movie about the life of Forrest Bess. William DaFoe narrates the voice of Forrest Bess:

The artist paid money for himself to have this operation and become a hermahrodite.

The artist passed away in 1977 from skin cancer.

Many of his works held in high regard are part of a series of smaller paintings that the artist made driftwood frames. With our dear friend James Kalm we visit a show featuring the works of Forrest Bess:

What a truly unique artist in his artistic and private lives!


Artist of the moment…….Geni Peter

Geni Peter was a Dutch painter born in Basel, Switzerland in the year 1908. Peter worked as an abstract painting using basic geometric shapes and circles in most works. The artist also enjoyed working with complimentary colors. In addition to his abstract body of work, Geni Peter also produced still life paintings with a recurring subject being floral paintings.

For his artistic education the artist studied in Amsterdam, Netherlands where he became a painter of recognition.

Geni Peter passed away in 1969.

Price range information: Peter produced a large number of drawings, oil paintings, and lithographs. Price range from $1,000 to $5,000.

No more information available.

I really enjoy the wonderful use of color and circles used by the artist. Many of his floral compositions are similar in style to the floral works of the French Expressionist painter Bernard Buffet. Below are some examples of Buffet’s type of floral works.


Artist of the moment……Elisapee Kanangnaq Ahlooloo

Elisapee Ahlooloo was an Inuit artist born in the year 1918 renown for her sculpture works in ivory and stone. The artist enjoyed worked with the figure.

The artist was married three times and her third husband was also an artist named Peter Ahlooloo. Peter Ahlooloo was born in 1908 and renown for his work with animals and the figure.

Elisapee Ahlooloo had two children who went on to art careers but no pictures of their work were available.

Price range information: Works range from $500 to $3,000. She worked in stone, marble, and ivory.

Another great family of artists from Canada!


Artist of the moment…….Frederick Prescott

Fredrick Prescott is an exciting artist born in 1949 renown for his work with kinetic sculpture. The works of Prescott are meant to be touched by the viewer. What I enjoy about his art is the liveliness and well drawn aspects of the work. The artist works with some studio assistants and is based out of Hawaii. Prescott usually constructs works out of steel that involve crowds of people.

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $45,000.

If I had to compare this artist to another artist it would be Red Grooms. Red Grooms has the same cartoony and whimsical style of drawing. Below are some examples of Red Grooms.

In this clip we view one Frederick Prescott’s famed kinetic animal sculptures of a buffalo! The movement makes the steel come to life.

In this clip we view another Prescott work featuring a tiger:

What a fascinating artist!