Artist of the moment……John Butler Yeates

John Butler Yeats was the father of the artist Jack Butler Yeats. John Yeats was fantastic painter and draftsman who enjoyed working with the face and figure. Yeats was in high demand for his portrait work. Its tough to grasp a true inventory of his output, but his work is found in many private collections of the upper class in the region. The last picture in the gallery was a self portrait done by Yeats.

John Yeats was born in Lawrencetown, Ireland in the northern part of the country in the year 1839. He went to college at the Trinity College located in Dublin, Ireland. He worked in the field of law for brief period of time before he decided to give it up and become an artist. This decision would eventually cause his wife to go insane.

For his artistic education Yeats attended Heatherley Art School.

I recognized this picture as I have spent thousands of hours looking at John Singer Sargent’s wonderful charcoal portrait drawings. This work is of one of the six children of John Butler Yeats, W.B. Yeats. W.B. Yeats was a great writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature work in 1923.


What a wonderfully artistic family! From painters to nobel prize winner authors what wonderful creativity!


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