Artist of the moment…….Ralston Crawford

Ralston Crawford was a fantastic Canadian artist born in St. Catherines, Ontario in the year 1906. Crawford spent a large part of his childhood in Buffalo, New York. Crawford painted landscapes and was also a painter of abstract works. For his artistic education the artist studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. He also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art.

Crawford worked for the Walt Disney Company at the beginning of his career.

I enjoy the way Crawford can take the complicated lines of a landscape, and simplify them. Crawford has fun with cylindrical shapes such as a silo next to a barn. Also with his background with Disney he was a great painter of landscapes.

I know most people make fun of Thomas Kinkade, but he was a highly successful landscape painter. He produced a book on the subject whilst still in college. Kinkade worked as a background illustrator in the animation industry. Another great animator who became a fine artist is the great William Wray.

price range information: Lithographs can be found starting around $5,000 . Oil paintings can reach as high as $750,000.

In this clip some works by Ralston Crawford set to music:

What a great mixture of realism and abstraction!


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