Artist of the moment…….Sonia Gechtoff

Sonia Gechtoff is an American painter best known for her abstract work. Sonia Gechtoff was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1926. Her mother managed art galleries and her father was a renowned artist named Leonid Gechtoff. Leonid was a realist painter and the previous post.

For her artistic education Gechtoff attended the School of Industrial Arts now the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. The artist then moved to the West Coast and attended the California School of Fine Art now the San Francisco Art Institute.

She also married an artist. A painter from San Francisco named James Kelly. James Kelly passed away in 2003.

Sonia Gechtoff is now based out of New York City.

In addition to her paintings the artist has also created a body of drawings. In this clip we view many drawings:

With the father and daughter both being professional artists and the mother running her own galleries, we have a wonderfully artistic family!


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