Artist of the moment……Leonid Gechtoff

Leonid Gechtoff was born in Odessa, Russia in the year 1883. His parents were older, in their 40s when they had Leonid. Leonid was known for landscapes with wonderful greys and texture. I compare his work with trees to modern artist Karl Dempwolf. Gechtoff worked mainly with oils canvasd.

Not much is known about the artist. He supposedly studied art in Russia. The family was in strife so they took off for Cairo, Egypt.

The artist did paintings of landscapes of the  American Southwest, Egypt, and marine paintings.

The artist had a daughter named Sonia Gechtoff who will be the next entry. She is an Abstract painter.

Leonid Gechtoff passed away in 1941.

Price range information: Most works available for less than $5,000.

Another artistic family!


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