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Artist of the moment……Hippolyte Petitjean

Hippolyte Petitjean was born in 1854 in the city of Macon, France. Petitjean painted in a realist manner and also a pointalist style. I attended the wonderful show celebrating Parisian painters at the Denver Art Museum, and was fascinated at the look of this work from far away.

Hippolyte Petitjean began an apprentice ship with a local artist when he was thirteen years old. At that time he also began taking evening drawing lessons. The lessons paid off and the artist won a city scholarship to attend the Ecole des Beaux- Arts in Paris, France. A major influence at the institution was the founder of the Society of the Beautiful Arts named Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. Chavannes had a strong impact on the painter.

In the mid 1870s he joined the Neo-Impressionist group after being asked to join by Georges Seurat.

Over his career he would earn a living as a drawing teacher and a painter. As a painter he would go through periods of painting more realistically with a palette of muted greys. He would also go through periods of time where he painted with a pointalist style that emphasized many droplets of color.

The artist passed away in 1929.

Price range information: Works are in watercolor and oils and range from $5,000 to $100,000.

The work of Hippolyte Petitjean really impressed me in person at the Denver Art Museum. It was my favorite pointalist painting!



Artist of the moment…….Sonia Gechtoff

Sonia Gechtoff is an American painter best known for her abstract work. Sonia Gechtoff was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1926. Her mother managed art galleries and her father was a renowned artist named Leonid Gechtoff. Leonid was a realist painter and the previous post.

For her artistic education Gechtoff attended the School of Industrial Arts now the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. The artist then moved to the West Coast and attended the California School of Fine Art now the San Francisco Art Institute.

She also married an artist. A painter from San Francisco named James Kelly. James Kelly passed away in 2003.

Sonia Gechtoff is now based out of New York City.

In addition to her paintings the artist has also created a body of drawings. In this clip we view many drawings:

With the father and daughter both being professional artists and the mother running her own galleries, we have a wonderfully artistic family!


Artist of the moment……Leonid Gechtoff

Leonid Gechtoff was born in Odessa, Russia in the year 1883. His parents were older, in their 40s when they had Leonid. Leonid was known for landscapes with wonderful greys and texture. I compare his work with trees to modern artist Karl Dempwolf. Gechtoff worked mainly with oils canvasd.

Not much is known about the artist. He supposedly studied art in Russia. The family was in strife so they took off for Cairo, Egypt.

The artist did paintings of landscapes of the  American Southwest, Egypt, and marine paintings.

The artist had a daughter named Sonia Gechtoff who will be the next entry. She is an Abstract painter.

Leonid Gechtoff passed away in 1941.

Price range information: Most works available for less than $5,000.

Another artistic family!