Artist of the moment……David Zinn

David Zinn is a wonderful street artist renowned for his drawings of cartoons that appear all over the sidewalks of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The artist began drawing with chalk on the sidewalks in 2007.

A main character is Sluggo. The character sluggo started out as a drawing of child pulling a wagon. He then transformed the character into his signature character. Zinn didn’t like to sign his street art, so this character became his signature.

His characters usually are doing something funny.

Zinn has worked as the host of a radio program. He has also worked as a theater performer, director, and designer of makeup.

The artist was inspired by Maurice Sendak.

In this clip we see many of David Zinn’s street art!:

I love the fun design and colors the artist uses in his characters. Its like having a character from a Maurice Sendak book come to life. Its great to see his characters doing such modern activities as withdrawing money from the ATM. I really enjoy art that inspires children to create art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


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