Artist of the moment…..George Dorival

George Dorival was a wonderful French artist best known for his work with poster designs. George Dorival was born in Paris, France in the year 1879.

For his artistic education Dorival attended the National School for the Decorative Arts located in Paris, France. He found employment right after college int he graphics design industry.

Dorival was best known for his work from 1910 until the second world war.

Much of his work was to get the general public excited about travel. Long before the days of internet and flickr, artists were the only way people could envision their travels. Some locales illustrated by Dorival include the Cote D’Azure, Brittany, and Venice.

George Dorival passed way in 1968.

Price range information: Posters (which I consider a print) can start around $2,000 up to original paintings which can reach $20,000.

Some other artists that worked with posters design and profiled here include Jules Cheret and David Klein. Klein used to illustrate for the airline of Howard Hughes and his poster works have broken the $10,000 barrier at auction.


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