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Artist of the moment…..Man Ray

Man Ray was born Emmanuel Radnitzky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1890. He was associated with the Surrealist painters. He grew up in Brooklyn and spent much of  his youth visiting the wonderful museums of the area. Man Ray worked in many different mediums including painting, printmaking, collage, assemblage,  and film.

He began his career in New York City and then moved to Paris, France.

In this clip a great selection of photographs of Man Ray:

Man Ray began to explore the medium of photography in 1915. His most famous series were called “Rayographs” These were camera shots taken when objects were placed on light sensitive paper. The artist was also a well respected portrait photographer. He took photographs of many artists including Pablo Picasso.

Ray is thought of as a  leading American Modernist painter.

Spent much of his  career based out of Paris and Los Angeles, California.

Ray is part of many internationally renowned collections including the Art Insitutute of Chicago, the Getty Musuem  located in Los Angeles, Califonia, and the Metropolitan  Museum of Art located in New York City, and the Tate Museum of London.

Man Ray passed away in 1976 at the age of 86 years old.

Price range information: Lithographs and etchings can be found for $5,000. Photographs sell between $5,oo0 and $400,000. Oil paintings sell for as much as $5 million.


Artist of the moment……Theo Van Doesburg

Theo Van Doesburg was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in the year 1883. His father was a photographer  He was a founder of the De Stijl movement. Another noted leader of this movement was Piet Mondrian.

The artist began as a realist painter. He produced quite a large body of realistic paintings. Many examples of these types of works are in the clip.

The artist was born Christian Emil Marie Kupper. He was proud of his stepfather and so he began to use his name and even signed his paintings with his father’s name, Theo Doesburg. He would later add “van” to the signing of his works.

With Piet Mondiran and artists founded the De Stijl magazine in the year 1917. Van Doesburg was a published author and critic.

Van Doesburg was different than Mondrian in that Van Doesburg emplyed diagonal lines.

His first exhibition was in 1908.

Price range information: His works seldom appear on the market. Prices can range from $75,000 to more than $4 million dollars.

In this clip a variety of works by Theo Van Doesburg. Realist paintings are shown at the start and works from his De Stijl era are shown at the 1:53 or so part of the clip: