Artist of the moment…….Armand Guillaumin

Arman Guillaumin was born in Paris, France in the year 1841. Guillaumin was a painter of regional landscapes in the Impressionist style. Many works are from familiar locales around Paris and alongside the river Seine.

Price range information: The artist worked in pastels, oils, and lithographs. Prices range from $5,000 to $225,000.

The artist began lessons as a young man. Guillaumin worked in his father’s lingerie shop during the day and took drawing lessons at night.

For his artistic education the artist attended Academie Suisse. Whilst there met two influential painters Camille Pissarro and Paul Cezanne.

Armand Guillaumin passed away in 1927.

In this clip a great selection of works by Armand Gaullaumin:

Lets hope this artist gets more recognition in the future. What a great sense of design and color in the landscape.


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