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Artist of the moment…..Jean Dupas

Jean Dupas was a leader in the Art Deco movement. Jean Dupas was born in Bordeaux, France in the year 1882. Dupas worked for several leading fashion magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

For his artistic education Dupas attended the L’Ecolole des Beaux-Arts where he studied with John Singer Sargent’s teacher ┬áCarolus- Duran.

Won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1910.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $80,000.

In this clip we visit a show in Paris with the major Art Deco movement leaders including Dupan:

Also designed stained glass windows.

Dupas also helped to design the interior of the luxury cruise ships, including the Normandy.

Jean Dupas passed away in 1964.

Artist of the Moment……John Nieto

John Nieto is a contemporary American artist born in Denver, Colorado in the year 1936. Nieto works with the western genre. Rather than use subdued greys as you might find with Frederick Remington or Charlie Russell, Nieto employs bold color painting with acrylics.

In this clip we visit the Nieto art gallery. Its surely a family business and we meet many members of the Nieto family.

For his collegiate education Nieto attended Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, Texas.

Nieto has works in the collection of the Presidential Library.

Early in his career the artist also produced sculptures in bronze. Now he paints and also is a printmaker.

John Nieto is part of the Marine Corps Museum located in Washington D.C., and the New Mexico Museum of Fine Art.

Price range information: Prints range from $700 to $5,000. Originals in oils can reach as high as $20,000.

What great modern depictions of the “Old West.”