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Artist of the moment…… Johan Jongkind

Johan Jongkind was born in Lattrop,  Holland in the year 1819. Jongkind was a painter of landscapes. His style was Impressionist.

For his artistic education Jongkind attended the Academy of Art located in the Hague, Netherlands. He then relocated to Paris to learn from private lessons.

Many of Jongkind’s landscapes were of France and Holland. He would paint quick watercolour sketches on site. Once back in his studio the artist would use these to create his larger oil works.

In this clip a great selection of works by Johan Jongkind:

If you enjoy landscape works with low horizon lines make sure and check out artist Keith Jacobshagen. Jacobshagen has great design skills and he can take a small size canvas or paper and make it seem vast and endless.

Johan Jongkind passed away in 1891.

Jongkind is included in the Musee D’Orsay located in Paris, France.

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Artist of the moment…..Tivi Ilisituk

Tivi Ilisituk  was an Inuit artist from the Salluit, Quebec, Canada region. Tivi Ilisituk was born in the year 1933.

The artist began to carve when he was twenty one. For him it was something to do in between hunting and fishing excursions. Many works show a man hunting or fishing. Not only does he carve a seal hunter, but he adds the ice and the seal  below!

Love the figure that is camping in a tent made from skins! Art is life, life is art!

Tivi Ilisituk passed away in 2012.

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His wife was also an artist.

Another great artistic family!