Artist of the moment……Aleta Rossi Steward

Aleta Rossi Steward is a contemporary artist best known for her oil paintings of birds and botanical imagery. Some birds frequently depicted include ospreys and herons. I first noticed the artist for her skill at painting flowers and was quite surprised to see the amount of life she put into the birds she painted. Steward grew up in the New York City area. Steward works in oils and sometimes tempera.

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Below a wonderful selection of works by Aleta Steward:

For her artistic education Aleta Steward attended the Art Student’s League of New York City where she studied under Frank Mason. Below a great example of Frank Mason’s style of artwork. A portrait of Sir Winston Churchill.


Steward is based out of Brewster, Massachusetts.

Some other painters of birds profiled here include Isabelle Du Toit and Angie Renfro. I enjoy Renfro as she paints birds hanging out on telephone wires. Most artists mix birds with floral imagery, but her work is eloquent and causes the viewer to slow down and look for other bird shapes that may exist on the flower. Below is a painting done by Angie Renfro.


Winner of many awards from the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Another aspect I enjoy about Steward’s work is the combination of lively objects like birds, with very old and sometimes decaying objects that have very worn out textures, such as wood.


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