Artist of the moment…..Eugene Galiene-Laloue

Eugene Galiene-Laloue was a French artist renowned for his paintings of Parisian street life in the middle of the 1800s. Eugene Galiene-Laloue was born in Paris, France in the year 1854. The artist made originals, prints, and was sought after for his poster designs.

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Galiene-Laloue served as an official war artist in World War 2.

Similar to other Parisien street painters such as Edouard Cortes or Antoine Blanchard, the same formula of a well known monument surrounded bg large crowds of people. Galiene-Laloue enjoyed painting during the fall or spring time of year.

The artist worked with watercolor, gouache, and oils.

In addition to Paris, the artist worked with other tourist destinations including Normandy.

In this clip we view many works by Eugene Galiene-Laloue. The artist was highly successful as a commercial artist and worked frequently in watercolor and gouache.

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