Artist of the moment….Nat Finkelstein

Nat Finkelstein was an American photographer who was lucky as he was able to shoot many works that show what life was like at Andy Warhol’s Factory in the middle of the 1960s. Nat Finkelstein was born in Brooklyn New York in the year 1933. His father drove a cab. Finkelstein learned a great deal from an art director at Harper’s Bazaar magazine under Alexey Brodovitch.

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $10,000.

A link to the website of Nat Finkelstein:

Finkelstein attended Brooklyn College for two years. but was suspended and never returned after throwing a filing cabinet through a window as a protest against censorship of a campus magazine.

Finkelstein’s early career saw him shooting around New York City making social commentary through his photographs. One recurring subject was the political climate around this time.

Beginning in 1964 Finkelstein shot the images of Andy Warhol’s famed Factory Studio. Warhol had seen some images of Finkelstein about another artist profiled here, Claus Oldenberg, in magazine. Finkelstein met Warhol at a party and agreed to document the goings on at the Factory.

In the late sixties Finkelstein became a supporter of the Black Panthers. He then felt that government officials might even rub him out and left he country. When the charges against him for drugs were dropped, he came back to the States in 1982.

After Warhol’s death Finkelstein rededicated himself to photography and this time he documented the burgeoning rave scene in London.

After this come back his work was in very high demand and the artist had many successful solo shows.

Nat Finkelstein passed away in 2009 at the age of 76 years of age.

I enjoy looking at works of artist’s studio’s. Especially one that many other artist’s enjoy visiting like the American artist Ed Ruscha or Warhol’s famed Factory Studio.


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