Artist of the moment…..James Romberger

James Romberger is an American artist born in Jefferson, New York in the year 1958. Romberger has made wonderful landscapes of European cities but is renown for his artwork depicting the lower East side of New York City. For his artistic education the artist attended the Munson Williams Proctor Institute and the School of Visual Arts of New York City.

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A link to the website of James Romberger:

Romberger has worked for many of the leading cartoon and comic book companies including Marvel.

Romberger works with pastel as his choice of medium.

In this clip we visit a show featuring James Romberger and Rick Prol with our dear friend James Kalm:

Romberger is included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

And to close we have an interview with the artist at a book fair that took place in Brooklyn in 2013. The artist talks about drawing out his ideas for this book.

What I enjoy most about this artist are the unique vantage points used. The artist gives us a tremendous feeling of space in his portrayals of urban life.


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