Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Nuria Mora

Nuria Mora is a street artist based out of Madrid, Spain. She is renown for her abstract and very colorful imagery. The artist takes time to make sure her geometric based abstract works will coincide with the texture and patterns that already exist. She enjoys leaving her mark everywhere.

In addition to the painterly street arti, Nuria Mora also creates three dimensional art. She enjoys putting up this work and feels its refreshing to look at something pleasing and interesting to the eye rather than the usual bombardment of advertisements that usually exist.

In this clip we see the artist at work:

I truly love the work of this artist. Such organized abstraction with a sense of color that reminds of such masters as Rex Ray or Wassily Kandinsky. Of all the work I have seen, the floral imagery of the artist strikes me the most.

Her three dimensional work is done with paper and the artist practices origami regularly. Mora loves to display these works in very public spaces such as bus stop locations. The works even light up at night. If you are in Madrid, Spain you can view these three dimensional works at Tirso de Molina Square.

A link to the website of Nuria Mora:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I only wish more women would make street! Some world renown female street artists include Swoon who is based out of the states  and Faith47 based out of South Africa. I have already posted articles on both of these great artists before.


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