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Artist of the moment…..Stuart Davis



Stuart Davis was an American painter in a modernist style born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1892. Davis is renowned for his work with jazz musicians and for being the American artist most influenced by the Cubist movement. His father was the editor of an art magazine and his mother was a sculptor.

From the Brooklyn Museum of Art we visit a large mural by Davis:

In this clip a montage of works by Stuart Davis:

Stuart Davis participated in ground breaking Chicago Armory Show that took place one century ago in 1913.

After this show Davis became associated with other modern painters including Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

For his landscapes the artist traveled to Cuba, the American southwest including Taos, and Europe with many scenes being painted of Paris.

The artist was part of the WPA, or Works Progress Administration, which was key in helping to build the career of artists just starting out as the country as a whole was experiencing tough economic times. For these murals Stuart Davis created works dealing with his love of jazz and music.

In this clip we view a large mural painted by Stuart Davis:

Stuart Davis passed away in 1964 at the age of 71 years old.

Price range information:  Prints and lithographs range from $10,000 to $50,000. Works in oils have broken the $1 million dollar barrier. Works in crayon and gouache range from $20,000 to $60,000.


Artist of the moment……Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi was a master Japanese printmaker born in the year 1797. Utagawa Kuniyoshi was very prolific and his work is awesome to study as he draws and paints everything from flowers, beautiful women, soldiers, animals,  landscapes, to very large triptych works. You can learn a great deal about composition and drawing from this artist. His father made a living working with silk.

The artist was an apprentice to Toyokuni, a leader of the Utagawa style of art, from 1811 to 1814. After leaving this situtatio he was able to start an artistic career by illustrating books.

In the 1820s Kuniyoshi began to produce his very large triptych prints, many involving soldiers and warriors.

The artist was part of the Utagawa school of woodblock printing. This style of art was founded by Toyoharu and was the most popular woodblock printing school during the 19th century.

In this clip we view some of Utagawa’s Kuniyoshi’s beautiful women:

In this clip we view some cats by Utagawa Kuniyoshi:

Utagawa Kuniyoshi passed away in 1861.

To close we look at some great prints of warriors and soldiers by Utagawa Kuniyoshi:

The artist helped to mentor many others who chose to follow the Utagawa style of painting. Some pupils include Yoshitoshi and Yoshiiku. These and others will be profiled soon!

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $75,000.


Artist of the momet…….Markoosie Papigatok

Markoosie Papigatok is a contemporary Inuit artist born in 1976 in Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The artist is a carver who specializes in works dealing with bears and birds. Like many of the Inuit artists, he is self taught.

The artist comes from a long line of Cape Dorset area sculptors. His grandmother is sculptor Tayaraq Tunnillie and below a great example of her style.


His grandfather was among the most famous of the Inuit artists on an international basis. Qavaroak Tunnillie also made many of the same dancing animals that his grandson now produces. Its great to see the common traits of multiple generations of families, especially when they work with the same subject matter. This work is a dancing bear shaman done by Qavaroak Tunnillie, grandfather of Markoosie Papigatok.


Markoosie Papigatok, like his grandfather enjoys making his animals dance. Both artist and grandfather renowned for their “dancing bears.”

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $3,000.


Artist of the moment…..Eberhard Havekost

Eberhard Havekost was born in the year 1967 in Dresden, Germany. As a youngster worked as an intern for a stonemason. For his artistic education the artist attended the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste where he studied under Professor Kerbach.

Havekost is included in museum collections including the Denver Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City.

Havekost works from video or photographs. The artist paints oils on canvas.

In this clip a brief interview with Eberhard Havekost. It is in German with English subtitles:

Eberhard Havekost lives and works out of Berlin, Germany. Most works are of locales in his home country of Germany.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $135,000.