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Artist of the moment……Gen Yamaguchi

Gen Yamaguchi was born in the year 1896 in Shizuoka prefecture. Yamaguchi was another leader of the sosaku- hanga movement. Yamaguchi’s family was quite wealthy. His father owned beer and liquor companies. As for subject matter Gen Yamaguchi enjoyed experimenting with different materials and techniques. For his prints he worked with the traditional landscape but also created many abstract works.

He was part of a group of sosaku- hanga artists that would meet the first thursday of each month.

A main mentor for the artist was master printmaker Koshiro Onchi.

Yamaguchi burst onto the international scene after World War II. The artist won prizes at international exhibitions including one important prize in Lugano, Switzerland that exposed him to worldwide art collectors.

Gen Yamaguchi passed away in 1976.

Price range information: Prices range from $1,000 to $3,000.

I enjoy the style of the abstract work by the artist as these works include a great sense of design that reminds of the great artist Wassily Kandinsky.


Artist of the moment…..Thomas Scheibitz

Thomas Scheibitz was born in Radeberg, Germany in the year 1968. Scheibitz paints in an abstract manner using basic geometric shapes with bold color choices. The artist also works with mixed media including oils, vinyl, lacquer, acrylics, gouache, and pigment marker  on canvas. His father was a stonemason. For his sculpture works the artist uses wood as his medium of choice.

The artist attended the Dresden Art Academy.

A link to the personal website of Thomas Scheibitz:

First solo exhibition took place in 2001. Scheibitz has been on the international art scene since the early 1990s.

Thomas Scheibitz is based out of Berlin, Germany.

Price range information: Works range $3,000 to $320,000.

In this clip we view a show from 2013  featuring the work of Thomas Scheibitz: