Artist of the moment…….Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde was a wonderful printmaker and painter  born in a village close to Nolde, Germany in the year 1867. The artist’s birth name was Emil Hansen.  For four years he worked as an apprentice to a furniture maker. As a result of being a great printmaker, Emil Nolde used very bold color when he chose to paint.

Emil Nolde is associated with the Expressionist movement and is seen by many historians as being the first Expressionist painter. The artist loved to create as a child and teenager but didn’t think about being a professional painter and artist until his early 30s.

His subject matter was everything. Nolde painted landscapes, portraits, scenes of nightlife in Berlin, and also traveled to many foreign countries such as Russia and China and did paintings there.

Below a wonderful set of artwork dedicated to the land and sea by Emil Nolde:

For his artistic education Nolde attended the School of Applied Arts located in Karlsruhe, Germany. After this he moved to Switzerland where he became a drawing instructor.

Though he worked for furniture designers and had learned a great deal about drawing, he was turned down by the Munich Academy of Fine Arts when he applied. The rejection inspired Nolde to take more drawing and painting courses and the artist even visited Paris, France and saw some Expressionist paintings that inspired the artist to along his now famous style.

Nolde grew up next to Denmark and eventually came to support the Nazi Party. Adolf Hitler didn’t like his artwork so it was removed from museums and galleries. More than 1,000 works of art were taken. After removing his work, the Nazi Party forbade him from painting or drawing anymore. Nolde then created a wonderful series of watercolors titled the Unpainted Picture Series. At the time of his condemnation he was one of the most highly regarded painters in Germany.

After the Second World War the artist was again held in high regard. Emil Nolde received the German Order of Merit, the highest honor a civilian can receive.

Emil Nolde passed away in 1956 at the age of 88 years old.

Below a look at some portraits and more works by Emil Nolde:

From an artistic standpoint my favorite works of Emil Nolde are his landscapes painted with watercolor and India ink.

Price range information: Etchings sell between $10,000 and $30,000. Watercolors usually command prices in the low six figure range up to one million dollars. Works in oils usually break the one million dollar mark at auction.


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