Artist of the moment…..Christoph Ruckhaberle

Christoph Ruckhaberle is a wonderful painter born in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany in the year 1972. Ruckhaberle works with the figure, but a whimsical and playful manner. As a paper collage enthusiast its amazing to see how many different textures he creates in his work. Recently the artist has become bolder in his color choices.

If I were to compare his work to another artist it would be Kenne Gregoire of Holland. Both have a master control of color and both draw from unusual perspectives. Below is a painting by Gregoire showing his choice of painting directly above the subject. kg

Price range information: Original works range from $20,000 to $100,000.

In this clip we visit a show with our fellow artist friend James Kalm:

For his collegiate education Ruckhaberle attended the California Institute of the Arts. The artist went on to do post graduate work at a college located in Leipzig, Germany where he earned a masters of fine arts degree.

Ruckhaberle  is in galleries in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and London.


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