Artist of the moment…..Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers is a Norhwest Coast artist who is a carver, builder of houses, painter, and printmaker born in the year 1946 in Greenville, British Columbia. For his collegiate education Vickers attended the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Art located in Hazelton. His father came from the Tshimsian clan and was a fisherman. His mother had a British background.

He grew up in the Tshimshian village of Kitkatla.

Price range information: Many prints priced between $1,000 and $3,000. No pricing available for carvings or houses!

The artist is included in collections of princes and government officials.

In this clip we view a house/gallery built by the artist and have a personal interview with him:

Another short interview with Roy Vickers below:

The more Northwest Coast artists that I profile it is astounding to see how skilled this artisans are. Carving, painting, building houses their learning curve never seems to falter!

The prints featured at the bottom of the gallery remind me of the sosuka- hanga artisans we have been learning about.


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