Artist of the moment….Itzik Asher

Itzik oro Itzhik Asher was born in the year 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt. His father died when he was a child in an accident and his mother was forced to raise he and his brother. His mother moved to Israel. During this time Israel was having its own battle for independence and his mother turned the care of he and his brother over to  a boarding school. His mother visited him daily, but she was having difficulty living in a new country without her husband.

He was eventually placed in a village of youths in Aloney Yitzhak,  were many children had only parent or no parents due to the Holocaust. In this environment he and his brother flourished better than their previous location in Haifa, Israel. The artist would remain until he was 18 years old.

For college he attended Avny Institute located in Tel Aviv, Israel where he studied physical education and anatomy. After finishing school he returned to Aloney Yitzhak where he taught physical education.

By circumstance he was able to meet an employee of Baron de Rothchilds and he was given the opportunity to work for her and was put in charge of her private beach. Asher was able to have the finances available to take his sculpture work to the next level. Also the location of the private beach gave the artist an passion for learning about and collection Roman artifacts.

In the summer he worked on improving the beach businesses and the rest of the year he had the freedom and money to pursue as much art as he would like. Asher made a studio for himself right on the beach and it worked perfectly.

In this clip we view a very controversial work of art. Many parents complained about the figures and felt they shouldn’t be anatomically correct. The work refers to the plight of Jewish people in Russia and Ethopia.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Itzhik Asher:


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