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Artist of the moment……Maki Haku

Maki Haku was the artistic name of Japanese printmaker Maejima Tadaaki. Maejima Tadaaki was born in the year 1924 in Ibaraki Prefecture. Maki Haki is renown for his work with calligraphy, text, and printmaking. Many works are abstract paintings and also poems. Many works are actually very old Chinese characters that were borrowed by the Japanese. The artist would start with a base, then refine the shape to make it more elegant and calligraphic.

The artist was trained as a kamakaze pilot. A pilot that is trained for a death mission. After leaving the service and the end of World War 2 the artist taught at the high school level and continued to pursue art on his own.

Price range information: Works range from $500 to $3,000.

The artist is associated with the sosaku-hanga movement.

Maki Haku is included in the Los Angeles County Art Collection.

The artist passed away in 2000.

Its great to see abstraction and text involved in printmaking. I only wish I knew what the text stated!  Maki Haku was also tremendously skilled at depicting floral scenes.


Artist of the moment…..Zoe Mozert

Zoe Mozert was an American artist who was a leader in the pin up movement.  Zoe Mozert was one of few women illustrators working against such renowned male pin up artists George Petty or Alberto Vargas. Zoe Mozert was born in the year 1907.

For her collegiate education Zoe Mozert attended the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art.

The medium most used by Mozert was pastel. Mozert illustrated many magazine and calenders over her lengthy career.

In this clip we listen to singer Perry Como whilst viewing some remarkable paintings by Mozert. From an artistic standpoint in many works her viewpoints show her great sense of draftsmanship. For instance a profile painting for us whilst but in the mirror the character holds its a three quarters view. What a remarkable artist:

Another selection of works set to 1920s swing music! :

Zoe Mozert passed away in 1993.

Mozert will hopefully be rediscovered soon by the artworld. Technically her work was often times more stronger than those of Gil Elvgren or George Petty. Long live the pin up vibe! Her work seems so strong and honest because on many occasions she served as her own model!

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $20,000.


Artist of the moment…..Looty Pijamini

Looty Pijamini is a contemporary Inuit artist born in Clyde River, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1953. His birthday is coming up, Pijamini was born on November 14.

Pijamini had a public commission which was unveiled in 2013 that shows the hardships faced by the first Inuits to live in modern camps. The movement was called the High Arctic Relocation and it took place in 1955. Pijamini received worldwide critical acclaim for this sculpture. This sculpture is the second from the bottom in the gallery.

Pijamini now resides in Grise Fjord, Nunavut Territory.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I love to look at some common subjects of the Inuit artists and love this artists interpretation of snow goggles and of course, Sedna, the goddess of the sea.

The artist and family appeared in 2008 in Canadian Georgraphic magazine. In the states we have the National Geographic magazine, same principle. Its a very interesting article and you can read about what some modern Inuit children aspire to be. And how cold it is! The article focuses on where Pijamini now resides, Grise Fjord, Nunavut Territory, Canada.