Artist of the moment…….Derek Lardelli

Derek Lardelli is a master of Maori Art, which comes from the country of New Zealand. Derek Lardelli was born in the year 1961.

Lardelli has designed and completed many large public sized sculptures.

The artist is also a great commercial success! As we see in this clip an Aussie Rules Football Team used his design for their new jerseys. What a great idea and great opportunity for artists. The artist has also worked with a Air New ZealandĀ  incorporating his Maori graphics with their brand for a new look.

Derek Lardelli enjoys traveling the globe and spreading news about his Maori culture.

Lardelli is also a teacher and in 2012 was named associate professor at the Eastland Institute of Technology.

The artist is based out of Gisborne, New Zealand. The city is located in the northeastern region of the country.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Lardelli is also a song writer and composer in his native Maori language. These are also called chants and hakas.


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