Artist of the moment…..Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida was a renowned Japanese artist who spent the first forty years of his life concentrating on painting before finding his love of printmaking. Hiroshi Yoshida was born in the year 1876 in Kurume, Japan. The artist started his career by practicing the classical Western style of painting and specialized in landscapes. For his artistic education he apprenticed under two world renown painters Tamura Shoryu and Koyama Shotaro.

Price range information: The artist produced prints and original watercolor paintings ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

The Yoshida family includes 8 professional artists including Fujio Yoshida, the artist’s wife, also a renown woodblock artist.

His printmaking style reminds me of Warhol in that he makes many versions of the same image and by varying the colors used ends up with very different moods in each piece.

In this clip a wonderful collection of prints by Hiroshi Yoshida:

What I enjoy most about this artist is that he loved to travel so you may recognize some work of his as he has probably painted a location in your country. For instance in the gallery you may recognize a print of the Grand Canyon of the United States. One famous image is of the Taj Mahal, and the artist produced 6 different prints each with a different mood.

Hiroshi Yoshida passed away in 1950.


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  1. Lady Lilith Said:

    Nice paintings. The work as such wonderful details.

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