Artist of the moment….Street artist Shaka

Shaka is a street artist from Paris, France born in the year 1975. He was the leader of a street crew that worked in the southern area of Paris. His government name is Marchal Mithouard. For his collegiate education Mithouard earned a masters of fine arts degree from the Sorbonne.

He finished college in 1999 and traveled the globe and experimented with graffiti and other types of art trying to find his own unique style.

In 2007 he found this unique style combining the art of painting with the art of sculpture.

Here we take a look a very large work by Shaka from 2010:

I enjoy the depth and the great dimensions his artwork has. Very real but also very abstract.

Some works of art by Shaka inspired by Vincent Van Gogh:

A link to the website of Shaka. You can translate the page to english if French isn’t your language:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

An awesome and unique blend of sculpture and painting!


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