Artist of the moment…….. Joichi Hoshi

Joichi Hoshi was a wonderful artist born in 1911 in Niigata Prefecture.  Joichi Hoshi is renown for his woodblock prints depicting trees. In the beginning of his career the artist focused on skyscapes, constellations, and landscapes. It was during the 1970s that Hoshi began to specialize in trees.

His series of skyscapes and the cosmos was inspired by a trip to Mongolia. Hoshi thought the dark skies made the stars and the cosmos brilliant due to the contrast.

During the end of his life the artist had as many as four assistants. The house where he kept a studio was designed with automatic sliding doors. A door would open automatically when a person neared it. Hoshi didn’t want anyone to ever damage a print or paper.

The artist taught in Japan for more than two decades.

in 1956 the artist graduated from college earning an art degree from Musashino University of Art. Since he started later in life for his artistic career, he had a great work ethic. During college he didn’t have much money so his wife went to live with her parents and he lived by himself. What dedication!

Joichi Hoshi passed away in 1979.

Price range information:  $1,000 to $7,000.

As a huge fan of mixed media artist I love the works that Hoshi creates using gold leaf. The gold leaf and the ink make a wonderful and bold contrast. One you add in the shape of the tree silhouette and sky you have the perfect mix of realism and abstraction!


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