Artist of the moment….Edwin Ambrose Webster

Edwin Ambrose Webster was an American artist born in the year 1869 in Chelsea, Massachusetts . The artist was first a traditional style painter and then participated in the famous Chicago Armory show and after that became a modernist painter. Webster enjoyed painting the sea, tropical landscapes such as locations in Jamaica, and the figure. Later in his career he also experimented with Cubist painting.

For his artistic education studied at the Boston Museum School of Art with renown painter Frank Weston Benson. Below an example of Benson’s style. Remember Edwin Webster was a traditional realist painter with a slight impressionistic touch before exploring modernism.


The artist started his own school  and helped found the artists colony in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Below is a booklet from this school. Webster was intrigued by the light surrounding the Cape Cod area.


Edwin Webster passed away in 1935.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I really enjoy the way this artist portrayed the tropical landscape. Having come from a traditional realist background its easy to Webster was an excellent graphic designer and draftsman whose talent seemed to explode after he infused his art with more color.


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