Artist of the moment…….Nicole Eisenman

Nicole Eisenman was born in Verdun, France in the year 1965. The artist moved to the United States and attended college at the Rhode Island School of Design located in Providence, Rhode Island. The artist earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree. Eisenman works in many mediums including watercolor, oils, and sculpture.

Many works are taken from her own life experiences. One work that was well received by critics had to do with a person when they have their braces removed.

Price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $30,000.

The artist enjoys portraying women as super independent and strong. In this regard she reminds me of the American painter Hilary Harkness. Harkness many times will paint a ship or submarine that is operated by an entire female crew. Below an example of Harkness’ style.


The artist was featured in her first solo show in 1992.

In this clip we meet up with our friend James Kalm and visit a show featuring Nicole Eisenman from 2009:

Eisenman is based out of New York City.

The artist has been part of two Whitney Bienniales.

In this clip we visit another show from 2012 with James Kalm:


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