Artist of the moment……Gladman Zinyeka

Gladman Zinyeka was a first generation Shona artist born in Zimbabwe in the year 1962. His father was a painter and some siblings also went on to become artists, they will be profiled shortly. Some themes of the artist include the family and also the balance and harmony that we strive to exist between man and nature.

Some works remind me of some Inuit artists who blend the two human forms together in a very abstract manner.

He first experimented with sculpture by attempting to carve birds. He would watch other older artists, and then invent his own technique.

Gladman Zinyeka was able to start his own hoe studio in 1994.

The artist was an important member to family members and anyone looking for help in the art world.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Gladman Zinyeka passed away in 2000.


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