Artist of the moment……Ira Barkoff

Ira Barkoff is a contemporary American artist who works with the landscape in a very colorful fashion. According to his artistic statement Barkoff was ten years old when he realized he wanted to capture images and emotions thru painting. His favorite subjects are the land and sky. As a child his parents took him to the Catskill Mountains. This was the same place where the Hudson River School got its start.

For his artistic education Barkoff attended Pratt University. In addition he was to study at the Art Students League of New York City under such legends as Robert Beverly Hale.

The artist is based out of Cornwall, Connecticut.

I love what the artist says in his artistic statement. “Each work is a muli-layered statement of how I feel about nature.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we see a wonderful landscape work by Ira Barkoff:

What a great artist who captures the land in a very emotional manner and loaded with atmospheric effects.

If you enjoy looking at the landscape with vibrant color also check out the work of artist Gail Morris.



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