Artist of the moment…….Xue Song

Xue Song is a contemporary artist born in Anhui, Anhui Province, China in the year 1965. Song attended the Shanghai Drama Academy where he studied stage art. Song worksare in fact collages made with mixed media and blends landscape painting, calligraphic text, and small figures that are called Zen figures in his work. The work by Xue Song is very layered and intricate. The artist also is an avid printmaker.

price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $330,000.

The artist has a unique connection to fire and many works contain paper that has been in a fire. Years ago his studio suffered a fire. The artist retrieved some of the remains of his charred paintings and ashes. Since this incident he will burn paper on purpose as he sees ashes as part of the cycle of life. The ash is a rebirth of sorts.

Xue Song is a huge fan of calligraphy and feels its the art that the Chinese people have taken further than any other type of painting. The artist has taken some aspects of calligraphy and mixed it with poetry. One artist that Song pays homage to is Feng Zikai. Zikai was among the first to use cartoon like black outlines of figures. Very reminiscent of the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein. Below a classical example of Zikai Feng’s style of art. Zikai Feng lived from 1898 to 1975.


By blending classical verse and text, landscapes, and the use of figures Xue Song not only references the past but is able to modernize his work as well. I also love the variety of textures used by the artist, especially the ash.


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