Artist of the moment…..Richard Mteki

Richard Mteki is a shona artist from Zimbabwe born in 1947 in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Had an older brother that was the first professional artist in the family, his name was Biora.

Took workshops at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe to hone his skills. First exhibited work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1965.

Has many works included in the collection of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The artist has completed commissions for the National Sports Stadium of Zimbabwe.

Collected by the Queen of England.

price range information: Most works priced between $1,000 and $5,000.



  1. nannus Said:

    One of my favorites. I got one sculpture from him.

    • tatenda mteki Said:

      yeah thats my dad im so proud,of him

      • nannus Said:

        A friend and class mate of mine, Eckart Rohde, who is involved in a Galery selling Shona art in Germany. You might know him or your father might know him, I think he bought some sculptures directly from your father. The one I have is called “mermaid” (at least that was the title under which I bought it). It is a very abstracted female head with hair hanging in front of half of the face. Perhaps your father might remember it. What I like in his works is exactly this rather geometric or cubist style that is on the border between figurative and abstract art. Hi think he has used this motive of the half-covered face more than once.

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