Artist of the moment…..Marcel Dyf

Marcel Dyf was a French artist born in the year 1899 in Paris, France.  Dyf didn’t take art seriously until moving to Arles, France in 1922.  The city is renown for the many works Van Gogh painted over his career. The artist opened up his own studio.  In 1935 Dyf moved again this time to Paris, France. He started off his education with the idea of being an engineer, but gave this up to chase his dream of being a professional artist.

Marcel Dyf was a superb painter of the female figure. Dyf also enjoyed painting floral still lifes and seascapes.

Dyf also enjoyed painting and keeping flowers. He and his wife lived in a house built in the 16th century. In this clip we get some color about a floral work up for auction. The artist kept a large garden so he would always have fresh flowers to paint.

Part of the French Resistance and fought for his country in World War 2.

Dyf attended Carnegie Institute located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Obviously Marcel Dyf loved painting the female from in a very expressive and impressionistic manner. In this clip we view a montage of the artist’s work:

Marcel Dyf passed away in 1985.

price range information:  Sorry none available.


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