Artist of the moment…..Efrain Almeida

Efrain Almeida is an artist from Brazil born in the year 1964 renown for his work with sculptures in wood. Working with umburana  cedar wood Efrain Almeida carves everything from faces, human figures, dogs, even cathedrals which are found in many locales in his native of Brazil,  and whatever else you could imagine. My favorite work in the gallery is that of the hat. To take a highly recognizable visual substance like wood, and make it appear as a fabric, what an amazing technique!

Has been featured in many national publications including the New York Times and ARTnews magazine.

Even the use of his carvings has religious twist. To give thanks for prayers answered parishioners might leave a wood carving at church. Brazil has the highest percentage of Catholics on earth.

Many of the works are done in smaller size of less than 12 inches. Very compact but graceful, similar to many of the Inuit artists.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip, which I think is done in Portuguese, we view  a show by the artist. Many carvings are in fact self portraits of the artist.

In this clip I have no idea what they are saying in Portuguese, but watch the first few seconds and you may see Efrain Almeida in person and see how accurate his carvings are:


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